The Possession

Michael Rutger

A dark supernatural thriller for fans of Stephen King from the author of THE ANOMALY

Beyond reality lies the unseen . . .

A group of explorers, let by Nolan Moore, are drawn to the remote town of Birchlake in Northern California to investigate mysterious stone walls whose presence has never been explained.

Meanwhile a teenage girl has gone missing in the town and before long it becomes clear that the two are connected in terrifying ways.

As the fog thickens, and the darkness closes in, the lines between reality and imagination blur, leaving them questioning their own sanity . . .

Praise for THE ANOMALY:

'Gripping, exciting, page-turning fun. I suspect Michael Crichton would have been happy to put his name to it' John Connolly

'Crackles with claustrophobic tension that had me holding my breath. I couldn't sleep until I'd finished reading, and then I couldn't sleep just thinking about it' Sarah Pinborough, bestselling author of BEHIND HER EYES

'Brilliant. Thrilling, tense, dark, funny. Michael Crichton meets Indiana Jones' C. J. Tudor, author of THE CHALK MAN

Publication Date: 25/07/2019
ISBN Hardback: 9781785767678
ISBN Ebook: 9781785767647

Michael Rutger

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