Redundancy Pay

JRL Anderson

Theft and corruption of the Devonshire coast: can David Grendon find the culprits?

For fans of Agatha Christie and Midsomer Murders, Redundancy Pay is a crime-lovers must-read.

Having recently been made redundant, thirty-one year old David Grendon relocates to the coast to become a fisherman. But when a priceless gold chalice, bestowed by Sir Francis Drake, goes missing, all fingers point to the new man in town.

Fighting to clear his own name, David is joined by Elizabeth Danvers, the rector's daughter, and together they set sail to follow a suspicious group of local divers. Little do they know, there are more than just secrets hidden down in the murky depths of the sea . . .

Filled with lies, betrayal and a heart-stopping ending, J.R.L Anderson's, Redundancy Pay, will keep you guessing until the very end.

Publication Date: 14/01/2016
ISBN Ebook: 9781785760051

JRL Anderson

About the author

JRL Anderson was an author of fourteen mystery stories and numerous works of non-fiction. He was a journalist at the Guardian for many years, before retiring to pursue his career as an author. He had a life-long interest in sailing and adventure, which results in many of his novels (as his original author biography from the 1970s puts it) ending 'with an exciting sea chase in a small boat'.