My Not So Functional Family

Bridie Jabour

Claudia is getting married in a week. Well, she's 85% sure she is getting married in a week. Maybe 75%…

First, she must return home to spend the week with her siblings Zoe, Phinn and Poppy who, despite their best intentions, are quick to return to long-established battle lines.

Waiting on the arrival of her best friend, Nora, for support against her family, Claudia starts to doubt her engagement and question her past relationships. What if her ex-boyfriend is really the one she should be with? Is downloading Tinder just before your wedding actually that bad? What if she wants to move to Malta? Or volunteer in the Philippines? Claudia hopes that Nora can help her find answers to these questions, but Nora is hiding her own secrets as well.

Meanwhile, Claudia's parents George and Rachel, long estranged from each other, are struggling with how different their children turned out to what they'd imagined. Taller, maybe?

My Not So Functional Family is a warm, funny and genuine novel about the conflicting joys and disappointments of millennials. It explores the complex relationships between parents and adult children, what we expect and what we actually receive, and the complicated terrain that is the relationships with our siblings, best friends, and ourselves.

Publication Date: 26/04/2019
ISBN Audiobook: 9781785769962
ISBN Paperback: 9781785769283
ISBN Ebook: 9781785769955

Bridie Jabour

About the author

Bridie Jabour is a writer who has worked as a journalist for News Corp, Fairfax and Guardian Australia. Bridie has written commentary on inequality, feminism and pop culture. She appears regularly on the ABC, Sky News, Triple J and ABC radio Sydney and is co-host of the podcast Behind the Lines. Bridie is assistant news editor at Guardian Australia where she has reported on social affairs, politics and regional issues. She has worked in the Canberra press gallery and was a reporter for Brisbane Times after starting her career at the Gold Coast Bulletin in Queensland. She has been nominated for New South Wales and Queensland media awards for her coverage of the Lindt Cafe Siege and Queensland state politics. She has hosted live shows for the Guardian and appeared on panels at various writers' festivals as a moderator and contributor. She has 20,000 + fans on social media across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The Way Things Should Be is her first novel.