Hunt You Down

Christopher Farnsworth

An unstoppable, high-concept action thriller for fans of Mason Cross and Lee Child.


"Fast, fun and frentic. A whip-smart edge-of-your-seat thriller," – Ernest Cline on Killfile

An unstoppable, high-concept action thriller for fans of Mason Cross and Lee Child.

John Smith is no ordinary gun for hire.
Smith is a man of rare gifts, and he knows your every thought . . .

Hired to track down a shooter targeting the rich and famous, Smith must complete his mission before another attack takes place. But when a website on the dark net is found to have connections to the murders, Smith realises that taking down a shadowy figure who has weaponised the internet will prove more difficult than he first thought.

And no matter how hard he tries, this criminal mastermind continues to remain one step ahead.


'Slick, fast-moving fun' – Guardian

'Brilliant . . . Produces intelligent and knuckle-biting suspense. Many will want to read this novel in one sitting' – Publishers Weekly

'A master storyteller . . . I can't wait to read whatever he comes up with next' – Boyd Morrison, author of The Emperor's Revenge (with Clive Cussler)

'Christopher Farnsworth has written a blistering, provocative, and propulsive novel . . . One hell of a ride!' Nick Cutter, author of The Deep

*Published in the US as Flashmob*

Publication Date: 02/11/2017
ISBN Paperback: 9781785763113
ISBN Ebook: 9781785763090

Christopher Farnsworth

About the author

Born and raised in Idaho, Christopher Farnsworth worked as an investigative and business reporter before selling his first screenplay. Since then, he has been coming up with new and better ways to kill monsters, bad guys and aliens. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Jean Roosevelt Farnsworth, and their daughter, Caroline.