Brock’s Assassin

Tom Taylor

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The invasion has come - the gripping final instalment of the Brock series

For fans of Bernard Cornwell’s Sharpe series, Brock’s Assassin is the final book in a heroic series of novels about Brock’s troop. Introducing Jonathan Westlake, a man of courage and integrity in a war that divides a continent, in a tale of love and treachery, fame and fortune. Jonathan Westlake is a hero to be reckoned with in the follow-up to Brock’s Agent, Brock’s Railroad and Brock’s Traitor.

The Americans have invaded at last, and the border towns of Canada are ablaze.

As the British army retreats north through a painful blizzard, Jonathan Westlake’s mission to combat treacherous forces in his own ranks continues – although he fears it might be too late.

When Westlake is injured, only a beautiful American keeps him from death’s door. But if the young hero can recover, the British Navy has one last gambit – a daring mission that will take the war to Washington itself.

Publication Date: 3 Dec 2015
ISBN Ebook: 9781785760303

Tom Taylor

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