A Sparrow Falls

Wilbur Smith

From global bestseller Wilbur Smith, an immersive adventure in the brilliant Courtney Series

Mark picked the weapon off the rack and the shape and feel of it brought memories crowding back. He thrust them aside. He would need a rifle where he was going.

A father builds. A son destroys.

General Sean Courtney returns from the horrors of the Great War in France, his mind on his heirs and his legacy. He is watching three potential successors: his beautiful but spoiled daughter, Storm. His corrupt, disgraced son Dirk. And his new young assistant, Mark Anders, a fellow survivor of the trenches.

Mark finds himself trapped between Sean's two children, shaped by an impossible love for Storm, and a victim of Dirk's ongoing hatred, greed and jealousy. With all Sean's experience of war and family, can he protect Mark — and everything Sean has ever stood for?

A Courtney series adventure – Book 3 in the When the Lion Feeds trilogy

Publication Date: 01/01/2018
ISBN Ebook: 9781785765711
ISBN Paperback: 9781785766732

Wilbur Smith

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